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#6 Consonants(4)

consonants - tense

Hangeul is composed of 14 consonants and 10 simple vowels. In this page, we will focus on learning 5 double consonants! 


These are pronounced as “tense” versions of their single-consonant forms, by tensing up the mouth and throat as they are pronounced.

meet the letters

meet the words

In the word “뼈,” the Korean letter “ㅃ” is the tensed version of “ㅂ”. It feels like a “stronger” version of the single consonant.


In the word “씨,” the Korean letter “ㅆ” is the tensed version of “ㅅ”. 

In the word “토끼,” the letter “ㅌ” represents the aspirated form of “ㄷ”, while the letter “ㄲ” is the tensed counterpart of “ㄱ”.

“아빠” (dad) is an informal and affectionate term, while “아버지” (father) is a more formal and respectful term.


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