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#Bonus What is Batchim (받침)?

Hangeul is akin to a puzzle, merging vowels and consonants into syllable blocks that create sounds.


Within these blocks, the final consonant in a syllable is termed a “batchim“.


The batchim turns out to be an important consideration when choosing the right forms for phrases and sentences.


The word “batchim” (받침) means ‘support’ or ‘prop’ as it supports other letters from below in a syllable.

The Structure of Syllables

Korean syllable blocks have three positions: Initial, Medial, and Final. Batchim refers to the consonant that ends the syllable.

Double Final Consonants

There are also double final consonants, known as “gyeop-batchim” (겹받침).


These are combinations of two basic consonants positioned at the end of a syllable block.


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