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#Intro What is Hangeul (한글)?

Let’s first learn about Hangeul, the Korean alphabet, with Mirinae!


Before diving into our exciting Korean lessons, let’s explore the essential foundations of this unique writing system – Hangeul!


The Korean language has its own unique writing system called Hangeul, consisting of 24 letters: 14 consonants and 10 vowels.

How were they made?

In 1443, King Sejong created “Hun-min-jeong-eum(훈민정음)” which means “the right sound to teach the people”, to make it easy for everyone to learn a new alphabet.


The basic consonants are modeled after the body parts that make sound such as the mouth, tongue, inner mouth, and throat.

Principle of Consonants

They added extra strokes to the existing consonants, thereby creating new ones in the process.


Vowels are imitated the shapes of the sky, earth and human.

Structure of a Korean syllable

In Korean, all words are composed of syllables that contain both consonants and vowels, much like pieces fitting together in a puzzle. 

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