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[Korean Slang] #8 소맥(Soju and beer)

Welcome to Wikinae’s Korean Slang #8


What’s your favorite type of liquor?

Soju, one of Korea’s most beloved alcohols, comes in diverse variations.
Among them, the mixture between soju and beer is very popular 🍺

In today’s post, let’s find out how Koreans call “soju and beer”!

Soju is a type of Korean distilled spirit. Since soju has a strong bitter taste by itself, it is common for Koreans to mix soju and beer together to make the alcohol taste better.

✔ 소맥 is short for ‘주와 주’ which means ‘soju and beer’.

There are many ways to mix 소맥 (soju and beer), such as dropping the soju glass into a beer glass or using a spoon, chopsticks, etc. to make the beer bubbly.

These various mixing methods are often used amongst alcohol lovers to learn and show off when drinking with friends and colleagues.



A: 일 끝나고 소맥 한잔 어때?

How about a soju and beer after work?

B: 좋아! 퇴근하고 만나.

Great! See you after work.


•   •   •


1:00 — Examples of 소맥 mixing methods
4:42 — Kim Hee-chul says “소맥이 좋아? 소주가 좋아?” which means “Do you prefer soju and beer? Or just soju?


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