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[Grammar] #1 -아/어/여요

polite informal ending

Ending a sentence with 아요/어요/여요 makes it an informal but polite sentence in the present tense.


A: 무엇을 마셔요? What are you drinking?


B: 우유를 마셔요. I am drinking milk.


combines with

: Action verbs & Descriptive verbs



1. -아요

: Verbs with stems ending in ㅏ or


지금 가요. (다 + -아요)

I go now.

친구가 와요. (오다 + -아요)

My friend is coming.

저는 서울에 살아요. (살다 + -아요)

I live in Seoul.


2. -어요

: Verbs with stems not ending in ㅏ or ㅓ


빵을 먹어요. (먹다 + -어요)

I eat bread.

물을 마셔요. (마시다 + -어요)

I drink water.
언니가 선물을 줘요. (주다 + -어요)

My elder sister gives a gift.


3. -해요(하다 + -여요)

: -하다 verbs


사랑해요. (사랑하다 + -여요)

I love you. 

매일 운동해요. (운동하다 + -여요)

I exercise every day.

토요일에 게임을 해요. (하다 + -여요)

I play a game on Saturday.


1. Pick the correct variant.


살다 to live


(a) -어요  (b) -아요  (c) -여요


2. Complete the sentence.


지금 __.  I go now.


가다 / -어요 / 오다 / -아요


3. Unscramble the sentence.


__ ___.  I drink water.


마시다 / -아요 / 해요 / -어요 / 물을


1. (b)  2. 지금 가요.  3. 물을 마셔요.


00:35 — “형, 형, 나 좀 데려가요” means “brother, brother, please take me with you”

01:25 — “전화해요 밤새 또 놀러가요 함께” means “Let’s call all night and go on a trip together again”


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