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[Grammar] #11 -(으)니까

because, since

-()니까 used to emphasize that the preceding clause is the reason or the premise for the following clause.


A: 오늘 저녁에 영화 볼래요?

Do you want to see a movie this evening?


B: 오늘은 약속이 있으니까 내일 볼까요?

Since I have an appointment today, shall we see it tomorrow?


combines with

: Action verbs & Descriptive verbs


1. -으니까

: Verbs with stems ending in a consonant


분식집이 싸고 맛있으니까 거기로 가요. (맛있다 + -으니까)

Since the snack bar is cheap and delicious, let’s go there.

시간이 늦었으니까 이만 갈까요? (늦었다 + -으니까)

Since it’s late, shall we go now?

공부를 열심히 했으니까 좋은 결과가 있을 거예요. (했다 + -으니까)

I’m sure you’ll get good results because you studied hard.


2. -니까

: Verbs with stems ending in a vowel or ㄹ


날씨가 쌀쌀하니까 창문을 닫아 주세요. (쌀쌀하다 + -니까)

Since the weather is chilly, please close the window.

밖에 비가 오니까 치킨을 시켜 먹을까요? (오다 + -니까)

Since it’s raining outside, shall we order chicken?

영화가 곧 시작하니까 휴대폰을 꺼 주세요. (시작하다 + -니까)

Since the movie start soon, please turn off your cell phone.


1. Pick the correct variant.


시작하다 to start


(a) -으니까  (b) -니까


2. Complete the sentence.


__ __ ___ ___ 시켜 먹을까요?

Since it’s raining outside, shall we order chicken?


-니까 / -으니까 / 비가 오다 / 밖에 / 치킨을


3. Unscramble the sentence.


___ _____ __ ___? Since it’s late, shall we go now?


갈까요? / 이만 / 시간이 늦었다 / -니까 / -으니까



1. (b)  2. 밖에 비가 오니까 치킨을 시켜 먹을까요? 3. 시간이 늦었으니까 이만 갈까요?


00:10 — “오늘도 난 술을 마셔 우울히니까 네가 또 생각나니까” means “I drink again today because I’m depressed and reminded of you”

04:25 — “내 거울 춤을 좋아히니까 이렇게 할게” means “Since you like my mirror-dance, I’ll do like this”


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