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[Korean Slang] #10 먹방(Eating show)

Welcome to Wikinae’s Korean Slang #10


Have you ever watched an eating show?

Eating shows became popular and can now be found on various forms of media, including YouTube and television 🍽️


In today’s post, let’s find out how Koreans call an “eating show”!

✔️먹방 is short for ‘송’ which means ‘eating show’.

This term became known as some internet streamers started to eat while broadcasting and eventually became a type of content.

Some experts say that the popularity of 먹방 is related to the increase in people eating alone, due to the increase in single households.


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오늘의 먹방 메뉴는 치킨입니다!

The menu for today’s eating show is chicken!



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1:30 — “근데 사실 거의 4년 동안 먹방만 해 가지고…” means “But in fact, I’ve only been doing eating shows for almost four years…”


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