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[Korean Slang] #11 월요병(Monday blues)

Welcome to Wikinae’s Korean Slang #11


Monday comes around too often — what do you do on Mondays? ☀️


In today’s post, let’s find out how Koreans say “Monday blues”!

✔️월요병 is a word combination of ‘월요일 (Monday)’ and ‘ (Disease)’ which means ‘Monday blues’ or ‘Monday syndrome’.


This term is used when workers feel stressed or depressed about going back to work after the weekend. In addition to workers, students would also commonly use this phrase to express their disappointment when they return to school on Mondays.


Listening to music or some stretching exercises might help you get through Monday.



A: 나는 월요일 아침마다 월요병을 퇴치하기 위해 신나는 음악을 들어.

I listen to upbeat songs every Monday morning to combat the Monday blues.

B: 나도 들어 봐야겠다. 월요일은 너무 싫어!

Maybe I should listen to them too. I hate Monday!



•   •   •



The title of the playlist is “월요병 ㅃㅃ (Bye bye, Monday blues)”.


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