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[Korean Slang] #23 인생네컷(Photo booth)

Welcome to Wikinae’s Korean Slang #23


Taking photos is one of the best ways to preserve precious memories 📸
In Korea, it’s easy to find photo booths on the street that offer this opportunity.


In today’s post, let’s find out how Koreans say “photo booth”!

✔️인생네컷 is a word combination of ‘인생 (Life)’, ‘ (four)’, and ‘ (cut)’. It is the name of a famous photo booth brand in Korea, and can also be used to mean ‘photo booth’ in general.


They have various accessories, such as hairbands or glasses, which allows people to use for free when taking photos.


Also, most of them provide a QR code on the printed photo, making memories easier to treasure.


•   •   •



A: 이따 인생네컷 찍으러 가자!

Let’s go to the photo booth later!

B: 지난 주에 인생네컷 갔으니까 오늘은 하루필름에서 찍을까?

Since we took the photo at “Life 4 Cuts” last week, why don’t we go to “Haru Film” today?


•   •   •


Why don’t you try visiting 인생네컷 with your loved ones?

8:10 — Sieun says “나 근데 인생네컷 진짜 찍고 싶었다?” which means “Guys I’ve wanted to take the ‘Life 4 cuts’ photo” 


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