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[Korean Slang] #22 착붙(A color or style that best suits oneself)

Welcome to Wikinae’s Korean Slang #22


Do you know a color or style that is a perfect match for you? If you know what looks good on you, it will help you to style yourself better👗


In today’s post, let’s find out how Koreans say “a color or style that goes along perfectly with oneself”!

✔️착붙 is short for ‘ 달라듯 잘 어울린다’ which means ‘a color or style that best suits oneself’.

This term is mainly used in the beauty field, such as fashion and cosmetics. The use of this term has increased as ‘personal color’ has become a trend in Korea.


From the color that best suits one’s skin tone to the fashion that best suits one’s style, 착붙 is a word that can be used to describe cosmetics, clothing, and accessories.



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이 파운데이션 색이 너한테 착붙이다!

This foundation color goes along perfectly with your skin tone!

내 몸에 딱 맞는 착붙 바지를 발견했어.

I found a pair of pants that best suits my body.



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4:44 — “착붙 컬러를 바르셨을 때랑 나란히 놓고 비교를 해 보면…” means “If you put them side by side and compare to when she wore the color that best suits her …”


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