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[Korean Slang] #32 MZ 세대(MZ generation)

Welcome to Wikinae’s Korean Slang #32


Have you heard of the term ‘MZ’?


It is a concept that only exists in Korea, referring to a large range of generation 👥


In today’s post, let’s find out what “MZ 세대” is!

✔MZ 세대 is a word that combines two generations: Millennials (born in 1981–1996) and Generation Z (born in 1997–2012).

It is used more as a term for marketing purposes to categorize several generations (teens to early 40s) into one large ‘relatively young’ generation.

MZ 세대’ refers to young people who has a very different perspective of thinking compared to the older generation. 

For example, one of their defining characteristics is that they are more confidentially able to express their true beliefs.

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A: 요즘 MZ 세대의 특징이 뭐야?

What are the characteristics of the MZ generation these days?

B: 다양성을 인정하는 사람이 많은 것 같아.

I think there are many people who accept diversity.


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2:57 — “일단, 저도 MZ 세대인데요…” means “First of all, I’m also an MZ generation…”


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