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[Grammar] #5 -은/는

object marker

The particles -은 and -는 are used to indicate that a certain noun or noun phrase is the main topic of a sentence.


A: 남동생 무슨 일을 해요? What does your younger brother do?


B: 제 남동생 대학생이에요. My youger brother is a college student.


combines with

: Nouns



1. -은

: Nouns ending in a consonant


제 이름 미리내입니다. (이름 + -은)

As for my name, it is Mirinae.

제 직업 선생님이에요. (직업 + -은)

As for my job, it is a teacher.

서울 한국의 수도입니다. (서울 + -은)

As for Seoul, it is the capital of South Korea.


2. -는

: Nouns ending in a vowel


학생이 아닙니다. (저 + -는)

As for me, I am not a student.

제 친구 성격이 좋아요. (친구 + -는)

As for my friend, she has a good personality.

저희는 기숙사에 살아요. (저희 + -는)

As for us, we live in a dormitory.


1. Pick the correct variant.


저_ 학생이 아닙니다. As for me, I am not a student.


(a) -은  (b) -이  (c) -는 (d) -를


2. Complete the sentence.


___ ___ __입니다. As for Seoul, it is the capital of South Korea.


-은 / 수도 / -는 / 한국의 / 서울


3. Unscramble the sentence.


_ ___ ___ ___. As for my friend, he has a good personality.


-는 / -은 / 성격이 / 좋아요 / 제 친구


1. (c)  2. 서울은 한국의 수도입니다.  3. 제 친구는 성격이 좋아요.


00:10 — “방탄은 처음이지?” means “Is it your first time seeing BTS?”

00:56 — “우리의 사랑은 불장난” means “Our love is playing with fire”


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