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[Korean Slang] #12 카공(Studying at a cafe)

Welcome to Wikinae’s Korean Slang #12



What environment do you find yourself most focused?

Cafes are one of the most popular places where people go to study and work ☕️



In today’s post, let’s find out how Koreans say “Studying at a cafe”!

In Korea, studying or doing assignments at cafes has become a cultural phenomenon. This has led to the creation of these words:


카공 is a word combination of ‘페 (Cafe)’ and ‘부 (Study)’ which means ‘studying at a cafe’.


✔ 카공족 is a word combination of ‘카공 (Studying at a cafe)’ and ‘족 (Tribe)’ which means ‘people who study at a cafe’.


It has recently become a socially controversial topic in Korea. Due to the increasing rents, some business owners feel pressured about the idea of 카공, and some even try to discourage it.



A: 내일 같이 카공하자.

Let’s study at a cafe tomorrow.

B: 그래! 어디 카페 갈까?

Which cafe do you want to go to?



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A satirical video on ‘카공족’ | 1:04 — “맞네, 카공족” means “That’s right, he’s the one who studies at a cafe”


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