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[Korean Slang] #13 영통(Video call)

Welcome to Wikinae’s Korean Slang #13


How often do you make video calls?

Thanks to smartphones, we are able to connect with people anywhere, anytime, even on the other side of the world📱


In today’s post, let’s find out how Koreans call “video call”!

영통 is short for ‘상 (Video) 화 (Call)’ which means ‘video call’.


✔ 페탐 is short for ‘페이스타임 (FaceTime)’ which means ‘FaceTime’.


영통 is commonly used to refer to all kinds of video calls, including those through social media platforms. However, since iOS devices have their own video calling service, FaceTime, it’s often referred to 페탐 to differentiate it.


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A: 집에 도착하면 나한테 영통 걸어 줘.

Give me a video call when you arrive home.

B: 알겠어, 조금만 기다려!

Okay, hang on a second.



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4:04 — Oh Ha-young says “멤버들한테 영통해 볼까?” which means “Should I video call the members?”


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