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[Korean Slang] #21 쌩얼(Bare face)

Welcome to Wikinae’s Korean Slang #21


How often do you wear makeup?

For a healthy skin, it’s important to remove all makeup at the end of the day and give your skin some time to breathe✨


In today’s post, let’s find out how Koreans say “bare face”.

✔️쌩얼 is a shortened word combination of ‘ (Raw / Bare)’ and ‘굴 (Face)’, which means ‘bare face’ or ‘a face without makeup’.


Derived from 생얼굴 → 쌩얼굴 → 쌩얼, the word ‘생’ became ‘쌩’ because of its strong pronunciation.



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A: 요즘 화장하기 귀찮아서 쌩얼로 다녀.

I’m too lazy to wear makeup these days so I just go out with my bare face.

B: 나도. 그게 피부에도 더 좋대.

Me too. That’s even better for your skin.



•   •   •



0:09 — Yoon Bomi says “쌩얼 공개!” which means “To reveal our bare faces!”


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