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[Korean Slang] #38 티키타카(Good chemistry)

Welcome to Wikinae’s Korean Slang #38


Do you have anyone that you feel good chemistry when talking to each other? You could use this word to describe the conversation with them 💬


In today’s post, let’s find out how Koreans say “good chemistry”!

✔티키타카 is the Korean pronunciation of ‘tiki-taka’, which means ‘tiki-taka’ or ‘good chemistry (in ones’ conversation)’.


This word comes from the Spanish term ‘tiki-taca’, which is a playing style in soccer characterized by short passings and movement.


Nowadays, it is commonly used to describe fast-paced conversations between people that have a natural flow.


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A: 소개팅은 어땠어?

How did your blind date go?

B: 어색할 줄 알았는데 그 사람이랑 티키타카가 잘 돼서 재밌었어!

I thought it would be awkward, but it was fun because we had good chemistry in our conversation!


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17:14 — BIBI says “티키타카가 되어야 돼” which means “We should have a good chemistry”


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