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[Grammar] #14 -아/어/여서

in order to

-아서//여서 shows a time ordering or a reason.

  • indicating the events happened in sequence
  • indicating the preceding clause is a reason or cause for the following


A: 어제 오후에 뭐 했어요?

What did you do yesterday afternoon?


B: 친구를 만나서 같이 쇼핑을 했어요.

I met my friend and then we went shopping together.


combines with

: Action verbs & Descriptive verbs


1. -아서

: Verbs with stems ending in ㅏ or ㅓ


비가 와서 소풍을 못 갔어요. (오다 + -아서)

I couldn’t go on a picnic because it was raining.

거실에 앉아서 TV를 봤어요. (앉다 + -아서)

We sat in the living room and watched TV.

돈을 모아서 여행을 갈 거예요. (모으다 + -아서)

I will save money and go travel.


2. -어서

: Verbs with stems not ending in ㅏ or ㅓ


횡단보도를 건너서 왼쪽으로 가세요. (건너다 + -어서)

Cross at the crosswalk and then turn left.

저녁을 많이 먹어서 배가 아파요. (먹다 + -어서)

My stomach hurts because I ate too much for dinner.

날씨가 추워서 오늘은 집에 있을 거예요. (춥다 + -어서)

I will stay home today because it is too cold.


3. -해서 (하다+-여서)

: 하다 verbs


공원에 도착해서 자전거를 탔어요. (도착하다 + -여서)

I go to the pharmacy to buy medicine.

열심히 공부해서 토픽 4급을 땄어요. (공부하다 + -여서)

I studied hard and passed TOPIK 4.

오늘 피곤해서 일찍 잘 거예요. (피곤하다 + -여서)

I’m going to bed early because I’m tired today.


1. Pick the correct variant.


횡단보도를 건너다 to cross at the crosswalk


(a) -아서  (b) -어서 (c) -여서


2. Complete the sentence.


저녁을 많이 ___ __ ___. 

My stomach hurts because I ate too much for dinner.


먹다 / -아서 / -어서 / 배가 / 아파요


3. Unscramble the sentence.


___ ___ ___ ___. We sat in the living rom and watched a movie.


앉다 / 거실에 / -아서 / 영화를 / 봤어요 / -해서



1. (b)  2. 저녁을 많이 먹어서 배가 아파요. 3. 거실에 앉아서 영화를 봤어요.


02:02 — “이게 다 내가 잘나가서 그렇지 뭐” means “It is all because I am the best”

00:18 — “너 시험지 빼돌려서 퇴학 당했잖아” means “You were expelled for stealing the test papers”


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