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[Grammar] #13 -(으)러

in order to

The connecting form -()shows the purpose of an action such as going and coming.


A: 주말에 뭐 할 거예요?

What will you do on the weekend?


B: 단풍을 보러 설악산에 갈 거예요.

I will go to Mt.Seorak to see the autumn leaves.


combines with

: Action verbs


1. -으러

: Verbs with stems ending in a consonant


돈을 찾으러 은행에 가요. (찾다 + -으러)

I go to the bank to withdraw my money.

친구 집에 저녁을 먹으러 갔어요. (먹다 + -으러)

I went to a friend’s house to have dinner.

주사를 맞으러 병원에 갈 거예요. (맞다 + -으러)

I will go to the hospital for an injection.


2. -러

: Verbs with stems ending in a vowel or ㄹ


약국에 약을 사러 가요. (사다 + -러)

I go to the pharmacy to buy medicine.

산책하러 공원에 갔어요. (산책하다 + -러)

I went to the park for a walk.

책을 빌리러 도서관에 갈 거예요. (빌리다 + -러)

I will go to the library to borrow books.


1. Pick the correct variant.


돈을 찾다 to withdraw money


(a) -으러  (b) -러


2. Complete the sentence.


___ ___ ___ 갈 거예요. I will go to the hospital for an injection.


병원에 / -러 / 주사를 맞다 / -으러


3. Unscramble the sentence.


____ ___ ___. I went to the park for a walk.


-으러 / 공원에 / -러 / 갔어요 / 산책하다



1. (a)  2. 병원에 주사를 맞으러 갈 거예요. 3. 공원에 산책하러 갔어요.


01:17 — “저 우주 위로 날아갈 듯 춤추러 가” means “I’m going to dance as if I’m flying over the universe”

00:11 — “아이스크림 사러 갈 건데 같이 갈래?” means “I’m going to buy ice cream, do you want to go with me?”


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