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[Korean Slang] #27 맵부심(Pride in eating spicy food well)

Welcome to Wikinae’s Korean Slang #27


Are you good at eating spicy foods? If you feel pride for being a good spicy food-eater, you could be interested in this term 🥵


In today’s post, let’s find out how Koreans say “pride in eating spicy food well”!

✔️맵부심 is a shortened word combination of ‘다 (Spicy)’ and ‘자부심 (Pride)’ which is used to express one’s ‘pride in eating spicy food well’.



Koreans have long been known for their love of spicy food. However, as spicy food became more popular in the 2010s, some people even began to enjoy it to painful levels.



Since 맵부심 shows the ‘pride’ of eating spicy food, it is usually used when bragging about it to others.



•   •   •



A: 떡볶이 맵기 단계는 뭘로 할까?

How do you want the level of spiciness of your Tteokbokki?

B: 나 맵부심 있어서 가장 매운 맛으로 먹을래.

I’m proud of my spice eating levels so I want the spiciest one. 


•   •   •


1:49 — “이게 뭐 자랑할 건 아니지만, ‘맵부심’이라고 하죠?” means “I don’t mean to brag, but it’s called ‘pride in eating spicy food well’, right?”


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