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[Korean Slang] #2 물복(Soft peach)

Welcome to Wikinae’s Korean Slang #2


Among the many fruits that will blow away the hot summer, which fruit comes to your mind first?


One of the iconic summer fruits is the peach 🍑

In today’s post, let’s learn two expressions about how Koreans call “peaches”!

Peaches in Korea are often categorized into two types — ‘물복’ (Soft peach) and ‘딱복’ (Hard peach).


✔️물복 is short for ‘렁한 (Soft) 숭아 (Peach)’ which means ‘soft peach’.


✔️딱복 is short for ‘딱한 (Hard) 숭아 (Peach)’ which means ‘hard peach’.


Soft peaches (물복) are generally more popular due to their juicy texture, while hard peaches (딱복) have a lower sugar and moisture content so they are more preferred by those who enjoy a firmer, chewier taste.


•   •   •


A: 넌 물복이 좋아? 딱복이 좋아?

Do you prefer soft peaches? Or hard peaches?

B: 나는 물복이 좋아.

I prefer soft peaches.


•   •   •


Every peach seasons, there are often discussions and debates about the merits of 물복 vs 딱복

Which one do you prefer?

0:07 — Jung Kook says “물복이죠!” which means “Definitely Soft peach!”


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